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Meat for the Freezer
11-07-2017, 10:28 AM,
Meat for the Freezer
This deer was brought down the second to the last day of the season for deer. This was after work on a Thursday. The weather is getting real cold and the rutting season started a little early.
We had just got onsite and we were no more than 80 feet from my sons truck when the buck was spotted. We had everything going against us. The wind was at our back, we were walking towards him when he spotted us and my son spotted him.
We all stood in the middle of the road in a stare down. He was about 100yds out but for some reason (thinking through the wrong head during rut season) he was slowly closing in on us. Finally he stop about 70yds out and turned to head down the hill (which had just been logged) and just as he turned and start to leap, BOOM... goes the 300win mag. He dropped about 40yds down the hill and there he laid.
Gutted, then hauled back up the hill (by my son, since my knees would not handle hit) and by 6:30pm we were muddy, bloody, tired and heading home.
He was skinned that night and bagged up to hang. The next day he was taken to the butcher to be processed. My son got about 50#'s of meat for his freezer.

[img][Image: 20171103_083017.jpg][/img]

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