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Whats Up!!!
07-12-2016, 01:42 PM,
Whats Up!!!
My name is James, and I am a brass a-holic. No seriously I love shooting sports, I was a Devil Pup. Son of a Marine Sniper, and had planned my entire life in Highschool planning on joining the USMC. However, while breaking a horse 1 week before heading to basic. I had my ankle stepped on by the horse.

It shattered my leg into 2 and my ankle needed to be held together by screws for a year. I was told I couldn't join, which was difficult to adjust too, as that had been my plan all my life. I started getting into distance marksmanship at a very early age. I have learned gunsmithing, and am now heavily into archery. I recently went from mostly using Bolt action, to getting into the idea of building an AR. Not just out of the fear bandwagon, but just because I started shooting them more often, and found that I had a lot of fun shooting them. I am also looking to get into competitive shooting. I have used a .338 Lapua to shoot 1200 yards with a .75 MOA decently regularly. And now I am looking to expand to a variety of competitive shooting. I have done some long range competitions, and some hand gun local competitions.

I have lived all over the country so, I usually used family rifles. I was never settled down in one place log enough to work on getting my conceal and carry, or even get my permit to purchase. However, I moved up to northern Minnesota, after finding my fiancee. Now, that we are settled and living where we are planning on staying, I got my permit to purchase. And take my conceal and carry class next week.

So thats my firearms background. Honestly, I am just glad to find a forum with such a solid group of like minded people, and be able to get information on a large amount of topics, and from people like me.

Nice to meet you,
James aka IrishVirus
07-13-2016, 01:44 PM,
RE: Whats Up!!!
Nice to meet you.
07-14-2016, 08:58 AM,
RE: Whats Up!!!
It is nice to meet you. Welcome!

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