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I bought a new shotgun... - The Sheriff - 03-10-2017 02:07 PM

A Remington Express 870 Super Magnum with wood furniture. I can't wait to get it...
It can take shells up to 3.5". And it looks like it will be a great bird hunting gun!

RE: I bought a new shotgun... - bradberry - 03-11-2017 10:46 AM

Nice purchase. I am jealous.
I have always wanted an 870. I believe the 870 is the most widely purchased shotgun on the market. I actually want the Wingmaster and the 870 Special Purpose Marine Magnum.

RE: I bought a new shotgun... - rwhite135 - 03-20-2017 02:40 PM

If you want an 870, you're better off looking for one of the older models than a newer one. Since the Cerberus/Freedom Group takeover of Remington, the quality is getting worse and worse. My wife has one of the early production runs from shortly after the takeover and it runs fine but a friend has had nothing but issues with his newer made express.

RE: I bought a new shotgun... - The Sheriff - 03-22-2017 05:49 PM

Yeah, I hear you on that, I have heard the same thing. But I like the 870's design way more than the Mossberg. It looks OK quality wise. I will have to take it apart and clean it good before I take it out. If it has that cheap orange plastic magazine follower I will replace that before I even take it out. But the gun does look nice with the wood furniture.