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Full Version: Anybody here trained before?
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Anyone that use to/currently does practice any martial arts? If so what kind? I use to practice karate and jujitsu for several years when I was younger. I've been thinking of finding a new place to train sometime soon if there's any suggestions.
I did Brazilian jiu jitsu and muay Thai for a few years, but that place has closed. There was a sambo place in gurnee but it was suuuuuuuper expensive. I was looking at a place myself, but it's a lit if money, so I was just going to see if a few if the other old guts just wanted to get together every know and than and grapple
Yeah I haven't even looked into the pricing at any places yet... I use to do it through a group at our church, which was a pretty good class, but now being older I would like to have a good place to go if it won't drive me broke. Is rather pay for that than a gym membership...
If you dint mind me asking what us the ballpark area you live in. I have a buddy who is really into martial arts and bus a school jumper. Hey May if gone to of heard of a school in your area
Round lake Illinois. I've seen one or two places... But just recently had my schedule settle down so I can start considering it. But if he can make a good place or two I'd be down to go check them out
I am going to be calling scholar maa, hopefully I can work.something out. If not I mag just roll with some buddies
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