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Full Version: "Where have all the people gone?"
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Not to quote an old song, but:

I am as guilty as the next for not checking in on this forum as often as I should. Seems to me this is where we should be meeting, asking questions, and talking. Social media sites are not private; your info and posts are monitored and shared, stick to the RDA Forum.

I see tons of names on the members list that have never activated their RDA Forum accounts. Maybe the staff at RDA can encourage customers at the register to sign up (heck, you have a computer on the wall, show them how!) and other forum members can encourage these folks to sign in and speak their piece.
I guess they are waiting out winter. During winter, I go shooting maybe 1-2 times. I clean all my firearms. I look at all the new ones that look cool and try to justify a few to purchase. This year the only thing that seemed to rock my world was the Rock Island Arms VR80 shotgun.
Self-fullfilling prophecy - for every person who stops posting, another person stops posting.