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Hey everybody,

I'm looking at getting a decent shotgun, and I've liked the Mossberg 500 the best thus far. I've had my eyes on the field/security model that comes with a short and long barrel. I have a few questions.. First, does anyone know if the longer barrel comes with a threaded choke? And second, from what I've seen there's one with a standard trigger, and one that's a little more expensive but doesn't mention the trigger.. anyone know the difference?

Here's the link to the one I'm looking at
The long barrel is the vented rib barrel, and is choke-able!
I just talked with Steve Yesterday on the phone, and he talked me into getting the 535 series with the 24" and 28" barrels.. He wasn't trying to sway me one way or the other but as soon as he started mentioning some of the differences (mostly the barrels), I was sold. Now just to sign up for the shotgun class.
Any ideas of how many of the accessories can cross over between the 500 and the 535? Some things that I have looked at show both, and most just show the 500. The one I'm most interested in is the 18.5" 500 barrel. I hear it bolts on just fine, but that it won't accept the 3.5" shells which is fine with me. But if anyone can say one way or the other it would be good to know!
I just completed the first of the CCW classes. I brought two handguns I have been shooting low and to the left to do the shooting part with. Steve New was very helpful with the corrections. Made the whole experience way easier. I fully expected to fail that portion of the class, but wanted to figure out what was going on and what I was doing wrong. By the end of a box and a half of ammo, I had corrected my issues with both guns. The class was also good on correcting some bad form issues with my grip. I figure I will save the cost of the class way cheaper than I would have in ammo alone.

You can always LEARN something new. I am looking forward to taking the shotgun class! I am a complete Noobie with those.
Me too, but I just ordered one from RDA so I figure I better freshen up on what I can! Steve is the instructor and he was saying they do a lot of fun things in the class. And the best part is he said they break it up a bit. so it's a little class time a little shooting, a little class time and back to shooting. and that he tries to cover a lot of different ways you can use the guns. not to mentioned bringing a handful of his own for everybody to try.

Needless to say.. I'm pretty stoked to go
Looking forward to seeing you in class. We will have a great time. I will have lots of cool guns to try out!
I'm excited for it, I just asked for the 535 to be put on order for me. I look forward to getting it!
Finally got my shotgun =]

[Image: IMG_20140925_193906682.jpg]
she's a beauty!
I'm sure you'll enjoy it for years to come.
I'm also sure it won't be the last shotgun you buy.
It does look great! Something about checkered wood... She screams take me out hunting! And that's one thought that worries me. What if I like shotguns, and want a few more? A few turns into a half dozen, and pretty soon I'll need another safe...
I'm pretty excited about it. And I hope it's not my last shotgun! But I do want an ar, and an ak before I look into that too far.. Hopefully on Saturday I'll be able to try her out though!
[quote='Ringo3632' pid='2103' dateline='1411734277']
I'm pretty excited about it. And I hope it's not my last shotgun! But I do want an ar, and an ak before I look into that too far.. Hopefully on Saturday I'll be able to try her out though!

When you get out to shoot..have a blast. Hope you get a chance to try out both barrels.
I bought ammo to use in both barrels, I do plan to give them both a good go as soon as I can. I've spent most of my time looking up the different bird shot and buck shot, so I need to check into different kinds of slugs still.

And then actually use the different kinds I bought so I know if I like it out not!
Nice! Where are you taking it out to?
I wanted to look into that a bit.. I was thinking Bristol or mcmiller. Probably going to look them up tonight and see what would be easiest since I'm not sure how much time I'll have..

Any recommendations for any particular reasons?
Mcmiller, because the other option is terrible.
For shotguns it's not bad. Rifle and pistol could be better. Unfortunately the have all the housing near there. And people can't act like adults. But you can still work on the fundamentals
I'd probably choose mcmiller when I get the chance... I'm heading over to Richmond hunting club for some paintball but I'm going to ask them about the clay shooting and stuff they offer
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