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Full Version: DDM4V1 Scope/rear sight mount
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Looking to put a scope and flip up sight on my DDM4V1. I have the LaRue LT104-1" SPR M4 Mount QD and looking to a scope in the style of Redfield Revolution 3-9x40mm in 1"and replace fixed rear sight with a Di Optic Folding Battle Sight from LaRue. First is will my fixed front sight create view issues with scope ( I scope will mount but don't know if front iron would show up or hamper scope view). Second is while it appears folding sight will work with this set up I am looking for second opinion from experts.
Good morning, I am sure you will enjoy this gun, its a good one! You may run into problems with a fixed site, going with the folding will be the better option for sure. Good luck and good shooting
For the variable power optic, you would not want to co-witness the front post with the scope. You should consider replacing the front post with a railed gas block and mounting your folding iron sight to that. Otherwise you will not get a good sight picture. What some folks do is co-witness their back up sights with a red-dot optic. That is fine in most cases because they are usually not variable power scopes.
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