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Full Version: Shhh... don't tell XdEric, but I put up the Christmas Sales on Red Dot!
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Okay, I was a little anxious. I can't help it. I wanted you guys to get first look at it. Hello

The one sale that BLOW MY MIND is the Legacy Escort Pump 12GA 22", Black shotgun!!!

This shotgun was $304.48 it is now $100+ off! It's only $194.99!!!!!!

If I had some money right now, no kidding, I would buy it right now!

As always with these sales, it is a first come, first serve basis... so have at it!

Going, going....! Christmas
Opps! I forgot to give you the link to the Christmas Sales tab.

Here it is!!!!
Hey Lisa, we do offer layaway....LOL...just sayin Smile
I forgot! AWESOMENESS! I haven't checked if there are any available this morning...
Getting one!
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