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Full Version: Brian Hoffner Class
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I was one of five ladies that attended the Brian Hoffner Defensive Knife Class this November.

For the ladies out there, I would definitely recommend it! It gave me the confidence to carry and use one of his excellent knives if I would ever have the need. I also think it is a good line of second defense for those that concealed carry.

There is another class on April 16th, 2016 if you are thinking that you might like to attend. Hoping I can talk my (big city) college girls into taking the class if they offer one during their break in the summer.

As a personal note, this class happened the day after the Paris attacks. It really helped me visualize the enemy. To feel like I would have a chance in these insane times we are living in, when you have places that do not allow guns.
It was a great class. I plan on taking it again.
Ha, ha, ha.... I look soooo mean!
I wish I could have attended that class sad I will be for sure in April though
Hey guys, here is a group photo from the Brian Hoffner class!
Very cool. So nobody looks for me in the pic, i'm the guy behind the cam.

Dutz, what was your take on the class?
I really like his system.

First, it is simple and well thought out. Most programs approach defense from an offensive standpoint, i.e. teach us to fight (whether a gun fight or knife) and then use that to defend. The reason Mr. Myiagi had to say karate is for defense only is because he was teaching him to fight which required a reminder this was for defense. Hoffner starts from the defense side.

He does this by first explaining that our goal is to do what the one shephard said to the other shephard, "let's get the flock out of here". Then he provides a few simple tools (techniques) that will allow us to get into a place to use our primary tool - track and field. The techniques are easy to learn, easy to practice, and, hopefully, easy to use.

Then he provides a knife that works perfectly in the system with everything you need and nothing you don't.

So if you have avoided carrying a knife for defense because you're a lover and not a fighter and don't think you can or want to learn to fight, then this is the program.

Get the kit with video, training knife, and basic knife. Then you can start praciticing. You will still need the class as I learned some things that were not in the video.
I agree 100%. I always carry extra mags with me. Now that I know how to use his knife, I'd wouldn't trade carrying the blade for 2 extra mags. I believe it's that important.

Yeah, the design of the knife is brilliant. I spoke to him in person before we had come in from Houston, and I love that everything on the knife has a purpose.

Also, he flew in mid afternoon the day before, and slept at my place. We got to spend a lot of time together. He's the real deal, a really decent guy.
Looking forward to a great class and good fun this Saturday. I look forward to seeing you there!
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