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Full Version: Milwaukee M12 Jacket
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With winter quickly approaching I am really thinking about spending the $200+ and getting myself a Milwaukee M12 heated jacket. I have seen some videos on it and the system looks like a great idea. Does anyone have one and is it really all that warm? a link?
Here is a great review that I found.

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I get a nice employee discount on this, but not sure I'd like it with the hood; it's available without I think. Sometimes those hoods always fall off my big head and I don't like cinching them down.
Wish I had a discount on them I'm hoping I can find one on sale

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I don't have any personal experience, but have had quite a few requests for them from local tradesmen. Cool idea.
The M12 looks interesting because they're a bit stylish. I'd like to hear from someone who's worn them. If you're wearing it for outdoors work It appears you'll need at least one ext battery. How's the weight of the jacket with 2 batteries in the jacket. Another thing is how to wash them, dry clean, hand wash or washing machine.

If you're looking for a sometimes too warm jacket that's made for work, you might take a look at Refrigiwear. The quality is great! The first link I posted may be a bit extreme but check out the rest of their jackets. I've had one the suits shown for longer than I can remember. I've worn it hunting upland game in brush and thickets, Fishing for Trout on Lake Michigan shorelines in the coldest weather I've ever fished in while trying to keep my line from freezing. I've worn it in -40 to -60 degree windchill's including last winter only for the reason of going for a few mile walk to test myself in that type of weather. I can't speak high enough about the quality of Refrigiwear's quality. I plan on buying a pair of boots and gloves from them this year.