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Full Version: Blackhawks!
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Kinda late for this topic but i was disappointed with their performance last season. I guess we just did not want the win as much as the others maybe this year! cant wait for this season we signed kane and toews for extended contracts so i hope they step up the game they looked tired last season
A few more months, it starts again.
Dont worry, we'll get our stuff together this season!! Thumbs up
How about them hawks! Glad they pulled it off last game. Let's hope they do it again tomorrow!
Not a bad pre-season start last night!
Pre-Season Hockey is like Pre-Season Football. It's not the same. When the lights go on the Hawks will be ready. The Hawks were only 8 to 1 in Vegas to win the Stanley Cup. When the Season starts for real, the level of intensity will increase dramatically. You will be able to feel the hits!
At least it gets us a little bit if a fix before the real season starts! Hopefully they do good again tonight! Not even sure if I'll be able to see any of it but I'll be following it
The real season starts tonight! GO HAWKS!
I have the Colts over the Texans..
A 3-2 win is a good start, but I saw plenty of areas for improvement.
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