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Full Version: Dehumidifiers for safes
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Anyone have good experience with types of dehumidifiers for safes? One over another or what?
The one we sell seem to work good, I've never heard anything wrong with them.
Any one better than another? Less space requirement? Less power needed?
the ones we sell are plug in and charge them, then put them in the safe.
I will check those out tonight.
Check out the one by "Peet" looks and works like a mini-boot dryer. Looks like you can mount it to the floor of the safe wherever it is convenient. It need power, but I tried the rechargeable ones and every time I remember to check it, it was full of humidity and had to be recharged.
I have two in my safe, I change one out every month, and recharge it. They seem to last about 2 months on a Full charge (all blue). Seems to work just fine.
I now have two of the Eva Dry 333's in each safe......
I have seen these as out of stock at Red Dot for quite some time. What gives?
(07-09-2017 12:18 PM)BelieveIn308 Wrote: [ -> ]I have seen these as out of stock at Red Dot for quite some time. What gives?

I bought two of these for the room my safes sit in. Here in Oregon the humidity does stay up there. They need to be emptied out about once a week. Along with these two I have 3 of the Eva-dry E-333's in each safe. I will probably add one more, just for the "peace of mind" to each unit.
One thing I have notice about most safes. They are NOT sealed properly. Even the two that I have were not. Sure they have a Flexilodice intumescent fire seal that expands when it may get hot or the smoke reaches certain temps but do they really seal out before the smoke, when it counts, if there is no fire? Most of them do not. Are they air tight? NOPE! There are seals out there that one may really want to add to their current storage device that will give them a higher level of protection from moisture and air. It is simple to add these seals to your existing safe or storage device. I know that both of mine, when the seals arrive will be able to protect my collection at a much higher level without breaking the bank. Then your current dehumidifier(s) will not have to work as hard to keep the moisture level down since the SAFE is now BETTER protected (sealed).
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